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CNC & 3D Machining


CNC and 3D MachineingOur 5-axis and CNC machining centers, which have vertical and horizontal capabilities, are readily available for all types of machining applications. We can machine previously cast products or any type of product or prototype. Your part could be delivered in as little as 1 to 2 days. We have also just added a new machine, a Mazak INTEGREX i-200S (Done-IN- ONE Operation) 72 Tool changer. It is equiped with a b axis with 240 degrees travel, 12,000 rpm milling spindle. And full 5axis profiling capability

3D MachineingGun hole drilling is an ideal solution for most deep and precision drilling projects. This ultra precision operation produces accurate, repeatable holes, with excellent surface finishes. Gun drills hold location to precise tolerances, are sized to exact specifications, produce burr free holes, and can be formed to produce specific shapes in blind holes with minimal machine adaptation. This makes our machining process perfect for both short run and long run productions. We cater to the medical, electronic, and aerospace industries where precise tolerances are required.

Gibbs CAM

We can handle machining complex parts of all types and materials (soft or hardened) in 2D and 3D programming using GIBBS CAM.

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